Indie Comics Creator Con (IC3) is not just another comic book convention. It's a ground-breaking event that uniquely focuses on creators and those who champion independent art and ideas. Led by Matthew Sardo and a team of seasoned industry professionals, IC3 provides a dynamic and inclusive platform for independent artists, writers, and publishers to showcase their talents and connect with an engaged audience. This annual event is a celebration of the spirit of creativity, community, and camaraderie within the world of comics.

IC3 logo created by Sam J. Royale.

Principlesof IC3


At IC3, we understand the financial challenges that creators face. That’s why our primary goal is to keep the event affordable for creators. Networking and meeting fellow creators are amazing, but covering your costs or even making a profit could be the affirmation a creator needs. 


While attendance was around 500 people for the first show, everyone walked out with their arms full of comics and artwork. Creators were selling out of books and connecting with new readers. In year two, we aim to push attendance to over 1,000 people and connect new readers with some of the most extraordinary creators.


At IC3, we’re not just about hosting a show; we’re about creating an experience that leaves a lasting impact. The first show was a testament to this, with creators leaving energized and inspired, ready to create their next comic and eagerly anticipating next year’s event. Our goal is for everyone to wake up Monday morning after the show, buzzing with excitement about the state of indie comics.

Meetthe team

Matthew Sardo

Convention Director

After spending more than 15 incredible years immersed in the comic book industry, from retail to publishing, I couldn't be more thrilled to embark on the natural next step of my career path with the creation of IC3. This venture is the culmination of my passion and experiences, and I'm eager to share it with the world.

My vision for IC3 is simple - to establish a convention that not only nurtures and empowers creators but also brings together a vibrant and engaged audience. I want IC3 to be a haven where creative minds can thrive, connect, and showcase their talents without financial barriers hindering their journey.

Beyond its professional goals, IC3 holds a deeper aspiration - to evoke the warmth and camaraderie of a neighborhood block party. I envision every attendee walking through our doors to instantly feel at home, welcomed by a community of friends who share a common love for comics and storytelling.

IC3 is not just another convention; it's an authentic celebration of creativity where artists, writers, and fans alike can revel in their shared passion. I am committed to curating an unforgettable experience, fostering an atmosphere of joy, connection, and creative exchange.

So, I invite you to join me at IC3, where we'll come together as a family of comic book enthusiasts, forging lasting friendships and making memories that will linger long after the event concludes. Let's create something extraordinary together, a space that embraces talent, uplifts spirits, and leaves everyone with a sense of belonging. See you at IC3!

Jamie Jones

Program Director

Jamie Jones is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Savannah, GA. Previous works include: Quarter Killer with writers Danny Lore and Vita Ayala (Comixology Originals), Kicking Ice written by Stephanie Phillips (Ominous Press), and Tales of MFR with Matt Sardo, Alongside his freelance work, Jamie has been self publishing his pulp action-adventure comic, The Baboon and his new anthology magazine, SPAKOW! under his Bow Tie Press imprint.

Anthony Composto


Anthony Composto is the Editor-in-Chief of Monkeys Fighting Robots. He's loved comics since he was a young boy reading Archie digests from the grocery store, though these days, he defers more to the works of Jeff Lemire, Eric Powell, and Don Rosa, to name a few. His goal is to bring attention to lesser-known books and creators and give them the spotlight they deserve.